Masquerade Masks straight from Venice

Masquerade Masks Imported for You!

Masquerade Masks from Venice

Masquerade Masks from Venice

We can access masks made to order, straight from Venice.

If you fancy a mask but prefer to have it made for you in a different color – its easily done. We can assist with Silver instead of gold or even access a traditional Venetian masks like the Doctore or Pulchinello.

If you have time available, we have the artistry of Venice on call make create what you are after.

Blank masks, undecorated are available or particular colour combinations to precisely meet your chosen color theme.

Just give us a call to find out what we can achieve together on 0412 658 696

New Masquerade Masks – Be Remembered

Stunning New Masquerade Masks This Season will Shock You!

We have sourced out some exciting new masquerade masks that are just perfect for Fancy dress, Halloween or Themed Parties.

Our new range is made in China which is reflected in the price. These masks are good quality and unique in design in that they are not pretending to be Venetian Masks. I am pleased to be able to bring these special masks to Australia.

Horny Mask

Horny Mask

Horny Goat Mask in Copper

Horny Goat Mask in Copper

Those of you who know my business well will be aware that we have chosen to avoid the Venetian Diavolo (Devil) Mask as a matter of conscience.

I have seen many beautiful Diavolo in my 20 years of importing from Venice but have resisted and continue to resist the temptation.

The Horny Goat however, is a pagan idea and has no more power than the amazing visual impact of the piece itself. It is menacing and sinister. The perfect mask for Fancy Dress or Halloween.

A sleek body suit or tailored suite with a cape will turn this into an impressive costume.

The mask is made from plastic which keeps it light weight and is very well finished. As you can see on the model, the proportions are amazing.

At Venetian Fantasy Masks we also add a cushion to the lower part of the mask to ensure comfort on all faces.