Annalyse Masquerade Black Silver

Venetian Mask Made in Venice Italy
Hand Decorated with Glitter Artwork
Easy Fit on any Face
Comfortable & Flattering
Feathered Detail
An Elegant Masquerade Mask for any occasion
Secured to Face with Ribbon

A Stick can be attached to this mask for $15.00



If you are looking for a traditional Venetian Masquerade Black Silver Mask, here is one of our all time favorites. Annalyse is hand decorated in Venice, a comfortable fit and flattering to wear. You will find it excellent value for money and you will feel just a little more glamorous with the feathered detail where feathers have been fashioned into a flower to decorate the side of this mask.

Secured to the face with ribbon ties, this mask is comfortable, contours well around the face and is an excellent fit.