White Bauta Mask

Bauta Mask

Traditional Venetian Mask

Bauta Mask is worn by men & women at Carnevale

Made in Venice Italy

Secured to face with Ribbon Ties



Bauta Mask or Salieri Mask

This is the traditional mask of Venetian which is a favorite during the Carnival of Venice. Bauta is worn by both men and women with a tricorn hat and a long black cloak. The result is impressive.

It is said that the Bauta is the ultimate disguise as it hides the face, gender (with the aid of the cape) and the voice is distorted.


The world’s greatest lover, Casanova would have worn the Bauta mask. He skillfully avoided the Spanish Inquisition and death in disguise. We highly recommend you view the movie Casanova with Heath Ledger.


Mozart’s nemesis Salieri was driven to insane jealousy and wears the Venetian Bauta mask in the movie Amadeus when he haunts Mozart’s nights with the intimidating character.


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