Black Cat Costume Mask – Made in Italy

Black Cat Costume Mask

Lightweight & Comfortable
Made from Lightweight Metal Lace
Fits All Faces – Except Petite.
Ideal for Regular to Large Faces
Made in Venice Italy
Unisex Black Cat for Fancy Dress
Secured to Face with Ribbon Ties



Playful Cat Costume Mask

A great Cat Costume Mask that fits all but faces well, most suited to regular to large people. This mask is made from black metal filigree with independent whiskers that can be arranged to your preference.

The Unisex Mask can be bent to contour the face and is secured with black ribbon to give a perfect fit.

A Black heart on the nose makes this mask unique. The ears are bent forward giving a playful effect to the mask costume.

This mask is a unisex piece which can be worn by men or women.

A genuine Venetian Mask – Made in Venice Italy.





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