Blue Feather Mask Chelsea – Italian Mask Customised in Australia

Blue Feather Mask

Black Metal Masquerade Mask
Sapphire Blue Glitter

Fits all Faces Very Well
Comfortable & Lightweight Mask
Flattering and Seductive
Italian Made, Customised here.

This Price Includes Addition of 1 colour of your choice, please call us to check what is available
Extra colours or Feathers $15.00 ea

As this is a Genuine Italian Made Venetian Mask You Can Expect Your Mask to be Beautiful, Comfortable & Elegant



Blue Feather Mask Chelsea is an example of our favourite fully Customised Mask. This Blue Feather Mask can just as easily be made in Aqua Blue or any other colour. To organise this please call us on 0412 658 696 …..just let us know what you want. Chelsea is a very comfortable and lightweight Italian Made Black Metal Lace Mask. It suits and fits all faces well. We have added the Sapphire Glitter to the mask and the centre of the Black Feather feature. It looks great and I doubt that any one else would have the same mask as we customise this Italian Mask to suit your needs.