Traditional Casanova Bauta Mask – Italian Made

Bauta Mask

Exactly the kind of Men’s Mask that Casanova
Himself Would Have Worn in Venice
Dramatic Bauta Profile
Typical of the Veneto Region
Made In Venice Italy
Hand Decorated
Fits All Faces
Can be Worn with A Cloak &/or Hat if You Wish

Impress Your Friends!



Venice’s Favorite Costume Mask – The Bauta

Casanova Bauta is a traditional Italian Mask, typical of the Venetian region of Italy. It is¬†strong & masculine, the ideal Men’s Mask.

It can be worn with a Cloak & Tri Corn Hat or as a strong Mans Mask. In Venice the Bauta Mask is considered the ultimate disguise as with the Cloak it disguises the figure, the voice is slightly distorted…so the Venetian say, by the shape of the mask.

This is the type of mask worn by “the worlds greatest lover” Casanova although his was probably plain white. This mask is hand painted and is excellent quality.


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