Couples Masks Gatsby Style Italian Made

Couples Masks Gatsby Style
Both Made in Venice Italy
Excellent Quality
Hand Decorated
Her Mask Easy Fit on Any Face
His Mask Ideal for All Except for Very Large Men
Both are Very Comfortable & Lightweight
Secured to Face with Ribbon Ties



A Beautiful Blend of Silver, Black & Charcoal Set off this Exquisite Pair of Couples Masks Gatsby Style.
Both Masks are Made in Venice Italy and are Exclusive to Insignia Masks.
His Mask is a great fit in all except the very largest of faces.
The Music Theme Silver Leaf Mask is hand decorated and has a small Music Detail, secured to the face with Ribbon Ties, it is lightweight and comfortable.
Her Mask is our Exotic Italian Gatsby Black Metal Lace Mask with hand applied classic colours of Silver and Charcoal.
Being the Genuine Italian Exotic Mask, this mask is super lightweight and comfortable.
What a beautiful Partnership…for all the world to see!!!