Customised Italian Mask Chelsea – Add to suit

Perfect Customised Mask

Black Metal Masquerade Mask
Fits all Faces Very Well
Comfortable & Lightweight Mask
Flattering and Seductive
Italian Sophisticated Glamour

As this is a Genuine Italian Made Venetian Mask You Can Expect Your Mask to be Beautiful, Comfortable & Elegant



Are you looking to order a Customised Mask made especially to your requirements. Chelsea is the ideal Customised Mask as it is comfortable and flattering and fits all faces well. This Italian made mask is beautiful and you can improve it for only $15.00 per addition. We can add coloured glitter, feathers or a stick to make this great mask even better. If you wear glasses you will love the addition of feathers and a stick. If you would like personalised service please text us a photo for your dress to 0412658696 so that we can assist you better.