Eclipse Black Phantom Mask – Italian Made

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Phantom of the Opera Mask
Handsome Black Metallic Finish
Secured to Face with Ties
Venetian Mask Made in Italy
Excellent Quality Mask
Best Suits Narrow or Regular Jawline
Men with large, square jaw better suited
to Eclipse Zane



Italian Black Metallic Style

This black phantom mask is a sleek and elegant piece in a metallic black. The Phantom of the Opera shape takes on a new look in this classic color.

For effect you could wear this mask with a dinner suit or cloak. Perhaps even add a hat and cane. If you prefer, this mask is formal enough for a Masquerade Ball, so its very versatile.

Secured with black ribbon ties, this mask is ideal for a man with a thin or angular face.

It is not suitable for a stocky or large man. Large Men should use Eclipse Zane Mask.

Made in Venice Italy

Only the best masks come from Venice, which is where the term “Venetian Mask” comes in.  At Venetian Fantasy Masks, the Venetian Masks actually do come from Venice!