Exotic – Italian Made Mask – Swarovski Crystals

Italian Made Masquerade Mask

Fine Metal Filigree Lace

Black Mask with Clear Swarovski Crystals

Secured to the Face with Ribbons

Highly Recommended



Italian Made – Perfect Fit, Exquisite Style

Exotic Italian Made Masquerade Mask really does live up to its name.

There is the suggestion of a Peacocks tail as a feature on the forehead of this mask. The elegant asymmetrical styling is embellished with Swarovski Crystals.

One of our favorite masks as this mask fits all faces very well and is very flattering. Its very comfortable as it is made from fine metal lace.

We also sell the economical Chinese Version of this mask, which looks very similar but does not fit quite the same way.

The Italian mask contours the face perfectly and is slightly finer. A feather can be added to this mask for only an extra $15.00