Exotic Masquerade Red Crystals – Chinese Version

Black Metal Masquerade Mask
Exquisitely Designed
Comfortable, Flexible & Very Light
Beautiful on Every Face
Embellished with Red Crystals
Secured with Ribbon Ties
This Mask is Made in China – from our “Spirit” range.



Quality Mask at a Great Price

This Chinese made Masquerade Mask has been made like the Italian made original mask. Though it looks very similar to the Italian Mask it is not identical.

The Italian Made Masks consistently offer a better fit, contouring the face perfectly. They are also is slightly finer which is more flattering.

If you are on a budget, I believe you will be happy with this Chinese version however, if you are a perfectionist you would be wise to buy Masquerade Masks that have been made in Italy.

Exotic with Red Swarovski Crystals is very flattering as the crystals are good quality. Ribbons secure this mask to the face.


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