Gothic Metal Filigree Phantom – Chinese Version

Ladies Phantom Masquerade Mask

Made in China
Good Quality
Made from Metal Lace
Lightweight secured with ribbons.



Ladies Metal Filigree Phantom

This Metal Filigree Phantom Mask offers you a good quality, economical alternative to our Italian Made Gothic Phantom. The elaborate Italian styling is stunning and dramatic. At last we can offer an exciting version of the Phantom Mask to delight our ladies.

Not all Chinese Filigree Phantoms are Good Quality

This particular copy of the Italian made Mask, compares quite well to the Italian Made version. The large Crystals are beautiful. The Clear Swarovski crystals are excellent quality. The metal filigree is of a high standard with lots of detail. The Italian version contours the face perfectly however this mask is slightly flexible and can be bent to contour the face.

You will achieve a glamorous look for a modest price with this mask. We also do this mask with Red Crystals. It is secured to the face with Ribbon Ties.