Michaela Mini Red Mask – Italian Made

Miniature Venetian Mask
Made in Venice Italy
Approx 14cm High
Gift or Collectable
Decorator Piece
Hand Painted Face
Burgundy Red Velour Headdress
with Gold Leaf Stamped Pattern
in Fortuni Style
Decoration to Face may vary.
Each Hand Made Piece is Unique & Gorgeous
Proportion & Size may vary



Collectible & Home Decor

An Italian Made, Mask made for the purpose of home decor. The prettiest of faces, to hang on your wall either alone or as part of a collection.

This mask features a hand painted face done in a dramatic Venetian style. The head dress is made from Gold embossed velvet and is stuffed.

The 8 cm face is enveloped within the elaborate head dress to give a finished size of around 14 cm. Each piece is completely hand made.

There is a look at the back of the mask so that it can be hung on the wall.


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