Morocan Lantern Murano Jewelry Set


Murano Jewelry Gift Set
Gift Boxed
Murano Glass Necklace with
matching Murano Glass Bracelet
on Gold Plate
Adjustable length for Good Fit
Made in Murano Italy
Certificate of Authenticity

$169.00 $129.00


This Very Beautiful Gift Set of Murano Jewelry includes Murano Glass Necklace & Bracelet made from the most delightful Hand Made Murano Glass Beads of Gold Leaf Glass with Caramel Amber colours. The beads really do look like a Morocan Lantern with Amber Glass.
The Best Quality Murano Glass Jewelry available on Gold Plate with a Contemporary Heart Charm Feature that can be removed if you prefer.
Both Necklace & Bracelet are on Adjustable Chains to ensure perfect fit.
Gift Boxed with Certificate of Authenticity….quality Insignia Murano Glass Jewelry
Made on the Island of Murano in the Venetian Group of Islands in Italy.