Murano Glass Bracelet Lime Charm


Murano Glass Bracelet
Beads in Amber, Lime, Gold & Leopard
3 Micron Gold Plate Chain
22cm long adjustable clasp for good fit.
Gift Boxed
Certificate of Authenticity
Excellent Quality, can wear it every day!
Made in Italy

$249.00 $99.00


Top Quality Murano Glass Charm Bracelet in Amber, Lime, Gold & Leopard Colours.
22cm long, 3 micron Gold Plate Chain. That is 3 microns of Gold Plate which means you that you will have this Bracelet looking like new even if you wear it every day. This Bracelet could become an heirloom piece as the whole family will love it. Some women like to wear this Murano Charm Bracelet everyday and we have had many happy customers return and purchase it again in a different colour. Each Murano Glass Bead has been hand made on the Island of Murano which is in the Venetian Group of Islands in Italy. With so many gorgeous Murano Beads, this is great value for money. It is very pretty on the hand. The feature centre Heart Bead elongates the hand. This effect is flattering and luxurious. The Clasp can be secured anywhere along the 22cm long chain. This gives you a perfect fit. Other colours are available. We also have a selection of heart shape pendants on black cord which will look great with this. Earrings are also in stock to match. Why not get a set of your choice.
This Beautiful Murano Glass Bracelet comes Gift Boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.