Ruby Zane Mask for Large Man – Italian Venetian Mask

Ruby Mask for Large Man

Venetian Mask Made in Italy
Excellent Quality
Comfortable Fit
Elegant with Music Theme in Traditional Style
Hand Decorated
Antique Gold Leaf Embellishment
Secured to Face with Ribbon Ties
Ideal for Regular to Large Face  – Thin Men Can Also Wear This Mask



Ideal for a Large Man & Loved by All

Ruby Zane or for that matter any one of our “Zane” Masquerade Masks is an ideal Mask for Large Man.

Our Zane Masks offer a large fitting slightly animated mask in the true Venetian style. Naturally this mask is a genuine Italian Made Venetian Mask. You will enjoy the comfort that an Italian made mask offers. It feels like paper mache, so it does not sweat.

Ruby Zane is one of my favorites as it is embellished with Gold Leaf, Red and Black Paint and a Music Paper detail. Its hand painted and decorated so you can expect a perfect finish.

This mask is secured to the face with ribbon ties which will give a good fit. It can be worn by a regular or slight built man. The cheeks are quite full so it suits a stocky or large build man best. Please see our photos on a regular guy.

If you are even looking for more WOW please check out our Red Zane Joker which is pictured below with the Jester’s Horns. This mask is excellent quality and sure to impress.

For those with tanned or olive skin, a mask with Gold leaf suits best, so you will love this.

If you have grey, blond or fair colouring you may want to select a mask with Silver trim like Vivaldi Zane Silver.