Steampunk Couples Masks

His & Hers Steampunk Couples Masks

These masks are soooo cool

Sure to impress your friends

Comfortable Pair of Masks

Made in China

Secured with Ribbon Ties

Good Fit, Good Quality

$94.50 $89.00


Steampunk Couples Masks Made a Statement

Everyone will know you are a pair when they see you wearing  these fabulous matching Steampunk Couples Masks.

His Mask features the eye piece, strong and masculine yet comfortable, secured with ribbon ties.

Her Mask has circuitry, chain and cogs also in gold for a sassy steampunk look.

Both masks are made in China and are good quality.

What is Steampunk

To complete the look, partner your awesome masks with vintage Victorian costume…. or at the very least some industrial gear with gadgets, leather, corsets….. let your imagination go wild. Wear your steampunk look with attitude and bravado.

Steampunk is Industrial, Metallic, Vintage Victorian, Gadgetry and Gizmos… Ohh and lots of Fun so Enjoy!!!


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