Murano Glass Necklace

Murano Glass Necklace – Just Perfect!

How lovely, a beautiful genuine Murano Glass Necklace with such lovely beads, around your neck. At our prices – why wouldn’t you treat yourself or by one for a Gift! We have a fantastic range of Murano Glass for every taste and budget. We go to Venice personally and design our pieces with You in mind. Carefully, we groom colours & styles to suit Australian women. Every Murano Glass Necklace is imported from the Island of Murano near Venice in Italy. There, they have made Murano Glass for 1000’s of years. Our pieces are made in Boutique family business’s that have passed the techniques from Father to child. Real Murano Glass Jewellery must be completely made & assembled in Murano. Other wholesalers have been known to take sticks of Murano Glass & have them made into beads outside of Italy. The result is not a Murano Glass Bead if its made somewhere other than Murano.  Murano Glass must be made in Italy, using the skills & imagination of the ingenious Murano craftsmen. Only Italian craftsmen located on the Island of Murano can claim to make a genuine Murano Glass Necklace. I am sure that you will appreciate the quality immediately. Our quality beads are made with care by passionate Italian glass makers who strive to achieve the very best. Genuine Murano Glass is unlikely to break and should last many years. Enjoy our Quality!